For guests of The Hotel at the Arundel Preserve and for our friends in the neighborhood, Grillfire is a dining destination offering classic American cuisine with a modern flair. Perfect for a delicious bite or a cocktail, Grillfire offers appetizers, steaks, burgers, salads, sandwiches, and desserts.

Frank Greco

Executive Chef, George Martin Group of Restaurants

As the executive chef of the renowned George Martin Group since 1989, Frank believes in using the highest quality and freshest products available and forges relationships with local growers. Although cooking is by nature a means of transforming the ingredients, Frank prefers to keep things uncomplicated and simply enhance their true characteristics. In his approach to the Grillfire restaurants, Frank brings the elements of upscale food into a more casual environment. In entering the Baltimore area, he “could not ignore the local passion for crab,” embellishing the prime-aged filet mignon with a fresh crabmeat crust; creating a crab and shrimp cocktail; and adding the local favorite, lump meat crabcakes, to the menu. “I look to classic preparations and try to give them a unique spin, yet maintain the value of familiarity. The true inspiration is to continually grow, learn, and share.”